Dog saves four-legged pal in need of blood transfusion

A pup in the U.K. is living up to the title of “good dog” after helping to save the life of another four-legged pooch that needed an emergency blood transfusion. Gemma, a Mastiff cross who greets visitors at Sutterton Veterinary Hospital, donated blood via her jugular vein for Ni Ni, an 11-year-old Daschund, according to Lincolnshire Reporter.

“Gemma was a very good patient and layed[SIC] still throughout the donation, she then had a bandage placed securely around her neck for 20 minutes and enjoyed a nice bowl of food!” South Lincs Vet Group LTD posted on March 12.

“Ni Ni received intensive care and monitoring, he accepted Gemma’s blood well with no issues!” the post read.

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According to the report, Ni Ni remains on medication but his blood count has dramatically improved.

“We are all so pleased for Ni Ni and very proud of Gemma,” the veterinary group posted on Facebook.