When Brittany Selph went into labor on October 31, she had little to fear about the Halloween birth, except maybe her doctor.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the Selph family found everyone in the Halloween spirit, even their doctor.

Dr. Paul Locus, Selph's obstetrician at the Henry Country Medical Center in Nashville, was dressed in a “Dark Knight” Joker costume.

While waiting for the delivery, Locus went home to hand out candy with his family. He offered to take off the costume before returning to the hospital, but Selph and her husband Justin didn’t seem to mind.

"I told him, if he came back in it, it's OK," she told ABC News. "That'd be a pretty cool story to tell."

So, Locus delivered the Selph's third child, a girl named Oaklyn Saige, weaing the costume, complete with green hair and a drawn-on smile.

News Channel 5 Nashville posted photos of the delivery to their Facebook page, where the Selph’s described it as an “awesome experience.”

“It was a good laugh,” Selph said. “It was all in good fun, and it was Halloween.”

And apparently they weren’t the only ones who found the Halloween delivery funny.

By Nov. 3, the photos were shared more than 700 times on Facebook and viewed more than 1.3 million times on Imgur. The story is even trending on twitter.

The Selph family was excited to share this fun experience with the world and joked about their newborn’s viral fame.

“So cool to see everyone excited about my granddaughters birth!” Sheri Selph commented on the Facebook Post. “Look Oaklyn you’ve just entered the world and already you’re famous!!!”