Construction Worker Shot in Head with 4-Inch Nail Will Survive, Doctor Says

A North Texas construction worker is expected to make a full recovery after being accidentally shot in the head with a 4-inch nail, reports.

Doctors at Medical City Plano said the man was working at his job at a construction site last Friday when someone handed him a nail gun. It went off and fired a 4-inch, barbed nail into his brain.

“The skull itself stopped the nail, just like if it was fired into wood. The head of the nail, once it hit the skull, stopped,” said Dr. Rob Dickerman, a Medical City Plano neurosurgeon.

The patient underwent a risky surgery to remove the nail from his dominant lobe.

“You make a wrong move or a millimeter away here or there, it can be a disastrous outcome,” Dr. Dickerman told the site.

Despite the chances of paralysis or even death, the surgery was a success. Dr. Dickerman expects the man will make a full recovery.

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