Cancer is a roller coaster

For two weeks I have been on a male hormone, Androxy.  In theory, it was supposed to shake things up and return my system to the good old days when estrogen blockers stopped my cancer from growing.  It did not work.  Estrogen is escaping from who knows where and is feeding the tumors is my liver.  It's very frustrating.

I am to start a new chemo today. I pray it works, and that the side effects are endurable. This disease is truly a roller coaster.

I hate cancer, and I hate what it does to individuals and to families.  It's a curse.  It is shocking to realize that one in every two men will have a cancer diagnosis in his lifetime, and one in three women.  Every 60 seconds a woman dies of breast cancer--one death per minute.  I consider that to be a bonafide natural disaster, yet it seems like our country is more interested in building up a war machine rather than finding a way to end cancer.

We have to do more. If all cancer victims came together as a unified force and demanded more money for research that would make a difference.  How can we make that happen?

There are so many smart people who read this blog. Any ideas? Let me know--that could be my project for 2013!