Bride clad in wedding gown performs life-saving CPR on stranger

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A newlywed bride who traded her nursing scrubs for a wedding dress Saturday is being hailed a hero after tending to a woman in distress shortly after leaving her own reception. Julie Stroyne, a trauma nurse at UPMC-Presbyterian hospital, performed CPR on a stranger who wedding guests noticed was unresponsive.

“She didn’t hesitate for a second,” Darlene Limpert, a guest, told WPXI. “It was unbelievable.”

Photos show Stroyne performing CPR on the woman who was lying on a bench just yards away from the Pennsylvanian Hotel, where the reception had been held.

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“A gentleman who we thought was a bartender thought she may have been drinking and had been checking on her,” Limpert told WPXI. “I don’t know who the woman was or who kept checking on her but luckily Julie was there, because who knows?”

Other wedding guests called 911 while Stroyne worked to revive the woman. Once paramedics arrived the couple and their guests proceeded to the post-reception event.