App uses the soothing sounds of Bob Ross to lull you to sleep

Bob Ross — the famed painter and television host known for his soothing manner — is making his way back into popular culture 23 years after his death in the form of a sleeping app.

Calm, an app used to help those who meditate or have trouble sleeping, is using three episodes of Ross' PBS show, "The Joy of Painting," as "calming bedtime stories" for users.

Alex Tew, co-founder of the app, said the company's had "so many Calm users" asking for Ross' voice to be used in "Sleep Stories" — bedtime stories meant to help people naturally fall asleep.

The decision to use Ross in the app's Stories was due to his calm and soothing demeanor. "He was and still is a hero to the hard of sleeping," Tew said.

So far, one of Ross' Sleep Stories is available on the Calm app, while two others will be released this summer.