Allergy sufferers prepare for early spring season

While parts of the country continue to suffer through winter’s wrath, others are entering an early spring, signaling the start of a different battle with another seasonal foe: allergies.

Symptoms of spring allergies can include a runny nose, sneezing, trouble breathing and others that are often confused with signs of a common cold.

“After several doses of antibiotics and going to urgent care, they suggested we come to the allergist and see,” Nickolas Floratos, a father of twins in Nevada who suffer from allergies, told

“That’s how we came to find out they have asthma and allergies,” he said.

Floratos’ twins now make weekly trips to see Dr. Joel Katz, director of the Allergy and Asthma Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, to take breathing tests, and receive shots to help them fight the allergens.

Katz told Fox News that many patients get treated for regular sinus infections, not realizing that they’re allergy sufferers and highlighting the need to find out.

Katz said doctors are now able to determine whether a patient suffers from allergies through a skin test, in which different allergens are placed under the skin and then observed for redness and swelling.

For these sufferers, relief can come in the form of antihistamines, nasal steroids and asthma inhalers. There are also tailor-made shots for patients, in which the solution is made up of the specific substance a patient is allergic to.

“Make a strong solution, dilute it down, bring people in for a series of shots to desensitize them,” Katz said, describing the shot process.

Alex Dale, a 7-year-old allergy patient also in Nevada, is already receiving shots and treatment so he doesn’t feel extra pain during the spring weather.

“He probably would have been very itchy and sneezy and watery eyed,” his mother said.

For sufferers in Nevada, the main culprit, pollen from ash trees, is already in the air. Unfortunately for those patients, as the trees grow larger, more pollen will be produced making each season worse.