7-year-old with rare cancer has ovary removed after doctors find 12-centimeter tumor

A 7-year-old girl had an ovary removed after doctors found a 12-centimeter cancerous tumor attached to it, This Is Nottingham reported.

Ellie-Louise Lewis, of Fraser Square, Carlton in the U.K., had what looked like “two footballs in her belly,” said her grandfather, Alex Lewis.

Ellie-Louise had spent a few days with a severe stomachache before her mother, Rachel, took her to the doctor.  There, she was diagnosed with juvenile granulosa cell tumor – a rare cancer.

According to doctors, Ellie-Louise will recover, but she will require three months of chemotherapy and routine follow-up exams.

The Lewis family said they have already started fundraising efforts for Nottingham Children’s Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Ward, in order to say thank you for saving Ellie-Louise’s life.

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