6 weird things that can mess with your memory

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Feel like you’re extra forgetful lately? From hormones to hamburgers, the possible causes for your recall struggles are endless. Watch the video to learn how an over- or underactive thyroid, menopause, and even a high-fat diet can affect memory.

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Don’t have time to watch? Read the full transcript:

A dysfunctional thyroid: Ask your doctor for a thyroid test to see if it’s causing your memory problems.

Hot flashes: Thankfully they don’t cause permanent damage. Memory improves once the hot flashes subside.

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Lack of sleep: Waking up fatigued could affect your memory.

Anxiety or depression: The good news is that as your mood improves, so does the memory loss.

Smoking: It damages the brain by impairing its blood supply. Smoking can also cause abnormal proteins to accumulate that impair the brain’s ability to relay information.

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A high-fat diet: Adolescent mice had poorer learning and memory skills after being fed a high-fat diet.

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