1-in-a-million twins 'don't even look like brother and sister'

Joanne Koffi's twins turn heads in the street, with strangers not even believing the pair are brother and sister.

By a million-to-one chance, little Millie was born black with black hair and fair-haired Mackenzie arrived with white skin.

Joanne is white, while the children’s dad, Larry, is black.

The 39-year-old mom, who runs a cleaning firm, says: “No one ever believes they are twins because they don’t look alike at all.

“They don’t even look like brother and sister, let alone twins.

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“It was such a shock when I became pregnant with the twins.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all but we went to the scan and there they were, two little heartbeats on the screen.”

Before the birth, the couple from Tameside in Greater Manchester discussed which of them the twins were going to take after.

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