Paz de la Huerta is claiming lousy decision-making and an ambulance chaser have ruined her career after their movie tanked. And she is demanding $55 million for it.

The 30-year-old actress has reportedly filed a lawsuit in regards to her role in “Nurse 3D,” which many consider to be the worst movie of all time — even worse that “Gigli.”

According to TMZ, De la Huerta is suing for $55 million, claiming her career is over after the film tanked at the box office — on the opening weekend it brought in a meager $5,000.

Critics slammed the film, pointing to De la Huerta’s monotone performance as a nurse hell-bent on murdering cheating men. De la Huerta said part of the blame is that producers decided to dub her character with somebody else's voice; she wants the judge to order the director to re-dub it.

De la Huerta also claims she got injured during the 2011 shoot, when she was clipped by an ambulance that was supposed to speed by her.

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Even though Lionsgate’s Films paid her with $73,000 in worker’s compensation for the injury, the actress is now saying she will file for more compensation. Late last year she sued the entertainment company alleging she nearly died from the stunt and sustained injuries to her chest and arms.

Lionsgate Films claimed that the “Boardwalk Empire” actress could not benefit from more compensation because she signed away her rights when she collected the first chunk of money.

According to the lawsuit, she was making around $2 million a year before the movie came out, which comes to about $55 million, plus punitive damages, she said.

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