Pamela Anderson's Vegan Boots, Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• Pamela Anderson shared a promotional photo for her new line of vegan clothing on Monday, which (as far as we can tell from the caption) is promoting her furry vegan boots (above). But you'd be forgiven for mistakenly thinking the ad was for robes, or mugs, or bellybuttons, or literally anything else that actually fit inside the frame.

• Speaking of Anderson's luxurious morning look, perhaps she was simply taking a cue from fellow bombshell Dita von Teese, who recently shared her personal methods for feeling sexy all the time. Watch the video below to see her saucy secrets, which surprisingly don't include "flashing the neighbors some thong" like Pamela:

• Britney Spears' zipper came undone during last Saturday's "Piece of Me" concert in Las Vegas, but like a true professional, Spears finished her song before fleeing the stage to fix the wardrobe malfunction (below). And thank heaven she did, because who knows what would've happened if slightly more of Spears' already-exposed flesh had remained exposed to concert-goers. The horror!

• Earler this week on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," Selena Gomez chose to "plead the fifth" when host Andy Cohen asked whether Taylor Swift wrote "Bad Blood" about Katy Perry, which only fuels speculation that Swift did, indeed, target Perry in the song. Either that, or Swift wrote "Bad Blood" about Andy Cohen, and Selena was just trying to be nice.

• Lindsay Lohan announced that she "may run for president" in 2020, implying in a series of Instagram posts (see one below) that she was inspired by Gandhi, Kanye West and Queen Elizabeth, among others. However, we can't help but wonder if her recent remarks about the UK being better than America — coupled with literally everything else she's done in the past eight years — will have any effect on her chances.

• It was announced on Monday that Netflix is hard at work on a "Gilmore Girls" revival, to air in four 90-minute installments and star much of the show's original cast. However, it's still unclear whether Netflix will title the project "Gilmore Women" or "GilMORE Girls," but we can still hold out hope.

• Channing Tatum dressed up as Winnie the Pooh for his daughter Everly's Halloween carnival (below), where it looks like he out-dressed every other adult at the event. We're guessing he also out-dressed every toddler at the event, ultimately winning the costume pageant and upsetting countless pre-schoolers.

• In anticipation of his new album, Will Smith will be making his first televised musical performance in years at November's Latin Grammys, where he and Colombian band Bomba Estéreo will perform "Fiesta Remix." And we have to admit, it's going to be nice to hear Smith rapping again, even if does feel slightly odd that he's not doing it during the credits of "Wild Wild West" or "Men in Black."

• And finally, a new trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" debuted during "Monday Night Football," where it dazzled viewers with special effects, new heroes, and plenty of sand dunes, sand dunes, and sand dunes. Because why explore the rest of the galaxy when you've got a boring desert planet to revisit over and over again?