Mariah Carey disses 'American Idol,' calls it the 'worst experience of my life'

Don’t expect Mariah Carey at any “American Idol” reunion.

The pop diva dissed the popular show, which is ending its 15-year run in 2016, saying that being a judge for the show in Season 12 “was the worst experience of my life.”

“Hell, no,” Carey said during a radio interview with Australia’s KIIS-FM when asked if she would attend an “American Idol” reunion before the show’s finale. “Absolutely not … I would never want to be involved with it again.”

And her attacks didn’t end there. She called the show “boring and so fake.”

Carey was in an infamous feud on the show with fellow judge Nicki Minaj – with the clash becoming so heated at one point that the rapper supposedly threatened to shoot Carey.

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During the interview, the singer said that the show's producers had concocted the clash between the two – although she didn’t mention Minaj by name – in order to boost ratings.

“Pitting two females against each other is not cool,” she said. “It should have been about the contestants, not about some non-existent feud that turned into more ridiculousness.”

She also said it got dull and tedious trying to come up with something new things to say after every performance.

“It’s just, ‘Let’s make up things to say to people.’ If it’s a good performance, just leave it at that,” she said. “Just say it’s good.”

Fox began airing “American Idol” in 2002 and over the years it became one of the key elements of U.S. popular culture and one of the TV shows raking in the most advertising earnings, according to Forbes magazine.

The 15th and last season of "American Idol" will begin in January with host Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. as the panel of judges.

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