After two messy divorces and three and a half years of marriage, Grammy-winner LeAnn Rimes and actor Eddie Cibrian have managed to keep their names in the press--mostly for their ongoing feud with Eddie's ex-wife, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville.

Along with the tabloid headlines, LeAnn's antics (and bikini addiction) are well-documented on her popular Twitter account--but social media apparently isn't a wide enough platform for the country crooner and her hubby. So, LeAnn and Eddie did what any famous couple (think Britney and K-Fed in "Chaotic") would do: They inked a deal to star in a VH1 reality show.

The premiere episode of "LeAnn & Eddie" barely hit the two-minute mark before Eddie started complaining about Brandi. "Contrary to what some people think (hack, cough; my ex-wife), I actually do work."

The work that Eddie referred to was his supporting role in last year's film, "Best Man Holiday. "

Pouting in the back of a stretch limo on the way to the film's premiere in Hollywood, Eddie proclaimed that he wouldn't answer questions on the red carpet about a Star magazine story which said the couple was embroiled in a "$50 million divorce."

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    "I don't think that this is the appropriate time to comment," he told LeAnn. "I want to make this about the film, not about the fodder. I don't want to give anyone the pleasure of playing it out in the media--because that's what they want (never mind that Eddie had already commented to the press through his rep, calling the story "complete untrue")."

    Later, LeAnn gets inked at one of the most famous and highly visible tattoo parlors in all of Los Angeles, and the "$50 million divorce" issue of Star is conveniently on display. Eddie worries about his children seeing the magazine and Mark Mahoney, the shop's proprietor, quips, "The only person you have to worry about seeing that is the IRS."

    Star magazine's "$50 million divorce " story is mentioned for a third time when Eddie complains about it to his personal trainer. "I don't want to continue the story--the story's so stupid."

    Eddie finally sits down with Extra's Mario Lopez to set the record straight, which pleased LeAnn. "I know he did not want to do this at all, so it means a lot to me--so I guess I have to do something for him."

    With that, LeAnn jumped out of an airplane with Eddie, saying, "If this goes wrong, I guess the tabloids have a a great end to their soap opera...actually, they'd probably say you pushed me out and took my $50 million!"

    (LeAnn and Eddie both landed safely.)

    Next week: Eddie and LeAnn talk babies!