Khloe Kardashians slams Kendall haters

Khloe Kardashian is one tough big sister! After her younger sister Kendall Jenner was criticized for strutting down the runway in a completely sheer-shirt during Fashion Week in New York on Feb. 13, she fiercely defended her sibling in a series of tweets according to Us magazine.

“She’s too dope for you 2 understand!” the 29-year-old reality star wrote to her 9.21 million followers, “Y’all would trade places with her in a second. The hate is real! Lol bye hater!”

“Basic bitches NOT wanted,” she added.  (Jenner, 18, retweeted this message but has not formally responded to the media firestorm).

When one fan tweeted that Jenner “needs to cover up,” Kardashian replied, “It’s a fashion show. She doesn’t choose! #clueless”

“I keep forgetting I’m supposed to be on my ‘don’t  sweat the small stuff’ish,” the youngest Kardashian sister mischievously penned, “But I just can’t pass up a good rant.”

But the E! star was also incredibly proud of her sister’s runway debut.

“My baby sister killed it today walking in the Marc Jacobs fashion show!!” she enthusiastically tweeted.