Hollywood Hair Guru Anthony Pazos Dishes On His “Diva” Celebrity Clientele

Anthony Pazos is making waves in Hollywood – literally, with his skills for coiffing the luxurious locks of some of the biggest celebrities in the industry.

With the premiere of season two of his hit reality show “L.A. Hair” to air this Thursday on WE TV, the stylist and entrepreneur spoke about his rise to fame in the highly competitive beauty industry.

He was born to a Mexican-Peruvian father and Bolivian-English mother, but he was "essentially" raised by his grandparents on his dad’s side, he told Fox News Latino.

“I come from a very warm loving Latino family,” he said.

Growing up eating traditional dishes whipped up by his Peruvian grandfather, who was also a restaurateur, the 26-year-old described his family as “so rich loving and flavorful.”

Speaking of his family’s deep seeded artistic history, including a great grand father who dabbled as an artist, Pazos said it felt natural to pursue a career that allowed him to get his creative juices flowing.

Since breaking into the lucrative world of hair styling, Pazos has worked with celebrity clientele ranging from Khloe Kardashian to the baby-faced boys of the UK super group “One Direction.”

While Pazos has not worked with Kardashian since her press tour for her reality show “Khloe & Lamar,” due to her busy schedule, the hair guru said she was never anything other than a sweetheart.

However, Pazos could not say the same for Harry Styles and the rest of “One Direction,” whom he describes as “so young but already little divas.”

Working with the London-based boy band while they filmed their music video for their hit “What Makes You Beautiful," he described them as “very coifed…a hair can’t be out place.”

But there has been only one person in Hollywood that has left a truly sour taste in his mouth.

Unlike his regular Ashley Greene, whom he described as a dream client, Pazos said one of her ‘”Twilight” co-stars is one actress he won’t be beautifying in the near future.

“There was a ‘Twilight’ star I worked with that was very bitchy…” said Pazos, “and I’ve worked with a number of stars and I don’t care how much money you have, there’s still a level of respect that needs to be had.”

Like his experience with the unknown and unsavory star, he won’t name names or reveal much about the upcoming season of "L.A. Hair," but said viewers can expect loads of drama.

“There’s a lot of amazing, hilarious one-liners.”

He said the cast is very comfortable with each other and that, unlike some other reality shows, on "L.A. Hair" there is “realness happening.”

“A lot of egos are being confronted.”