'Good Times' star Jimmie Walker supports Trump, slams PC culture

Former "Good Times" star Jimmie Walker is supporting President Trump.

At least most of the time, said the veteran comedian, who considers himself "a logical Independent."

Of Trump he said, "I'm for probably 90 percent of the things he does."

He clarified, "That means I'm not against Trump, but he makes mistakes, too."


Walker, who shot to fame with his "Good Times" sitcom catch phrase "Dynomite!" in the 1970s, said he differs greatly from his fellow Hollywood comedians when it comes to politics.

“There's not one positive Trump joke out here,” he explained. “No President has been attacked in recent years — because you couldn't attack [Barack] Obama because he was black… but Trump, they have come out guns blazing against him, but even though I don't like everything he does, why, heck, darn it, I think he deserves some sort of praise… but you can't say that in Hollywood."

Walker, who was shooting an upcoming episode of ABC’s “Battle of the Network Stars when he spoke with Fox News,” added: "I think… anything that anybody says really is scrutinized. It's nothing personal! Everybody takes everything so hard! I think that's really what the problem is. Everybody is too sensitive."

Walker pointed to the recent controversy over Bill Maher using the N-word on his HBO show "Real Time," for which Maher later apologized.

“It was a joke!” said Walker. “Come on, people! I love Bill Maher… even though Bill Maher has not put me on his show in about 10 years… Bill Maher is not a racist… calm down."

And according to Walker, Kathy Griffin was wrong to blame being a woman for her problems after she faced backlash over holding up a fake severed bloody head of Trump.

He felt bad for her, however, because of "how hard she's worked to get where she's gotten.

“I hate to see that she goes down like this because in Hollywood, I've said this a million times… comedy is a left-wing affair,” he said. “There is no right-wing comedy."

Elaborating on his political thoughts, Walker said, "Reagan I think was a very good president… [but] my favorite president has always been Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Many of my good friends on the right still hate him for social security, but I think it's still a thing that really works well."

Walker revealed he also liked "Ike,” or President Dwight Eisenhower, for creating American jobs in the auto industry and getting freeways built.

"I think what people are looking for [now] is an industry where everybody can go and put widgets and didgets and make a nice living," he said. "...There's no easy way out now, not to say being in an industrialized car, auto [or] fabric industry was easy, but it was a way to go, where people could, go, 'I can make this amount, I can have a house, I can go to Disneyland.' Those days are over, baby. It's going be tougher and tougher to make that kind of living nowadays."

Walker, who does standup comedy 300 days a year, will be featured on Thursday’s episode of “Battle of the Network Stars” in the upcoming episode “TV Moms and Dads TV Kids.”