'Duck Dynasty's' Sadie Robertson 'used to hide things from God' in her prayers

Sadie Robertson opened up about a time in her life when she felt a "division between" herself and God.

"I used to hide things from God in my prayer life," Robertson wrote on Instagram. "I was afraid I would fail in that area again."

The 19-year-old said at first she thought keeping certain things hidden from God was doing her and God "a solid to just not mention it." But she quickly realized it "only created division between myself and my creator."

"The longer this went on the louder my struggle got, and the quieter it seemed like the voice of truth got," she admitted.

The breaking point came when "life slapped [Sadie] in the face."

But once she realized God's way is "the truth" she was able to open up.

"He is strength when we are weak, He IS the beginning and the end. He honestly has used me most in my weakest moments. He has given my pain purpose. He has constantly showed me redemption."

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