J.R. Martinez took to his Latin roots for his first finale dance Monday night on Dancing With the Stars.

Martinez, 28, and his dance partner Karina Smirnoff shook their hips to a salsa version of Kat DeLuna's upbeat breakout song "Whine Up."

The routine, done in freestyle form, had Martinez pulling elaborate twists and turns. Smirnoff even got to jump on Martinez's neck as he threw her in the air like a rag doll.

“In the freestyle, Karina and I decided to do a salsa inspired routine because of the fact that I am Latin,” Martinez said.

“Karina wanted to do this lift were I hook my leg to her neck,” Martinez added. “She’s had surgery on her neck before and I just think it’s too dangerous.”

Martinez went through with the dance, lifts and all, earning Martinez a perfect 30 (out of 30.)

“I have only one thing to say J.R. that’s the way to come back!” said judge Carie Ann Inaba overjoyed. “Those lifts were the sickest lifts I’ve ever seen and Karina I am glad you are safe.”

Goodman was delighted with Martinez’s dance and the eye candy.

“Two things were revealed,” Goodman said. “Karina’s body and your talent…fantastic!”

Judge Bruno Tonioli told Martinez his dance was “a jungle, rival hypnotic experience.”

“You are exuberant,” Tonioli said. “What a comeback!”

Martinez's didn't have the same luck the second time around.

The army vet attempted to execute the Cha Cha, to Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” (written by Gloria Estefan) but his ankle injury affected his posture once again.

The judges gave him a total of 24 points (out of 30)

“The magic of J.R.,” said Inaba. “Everyone loves you! When people watch you dance they fall in love with your spirit.”

“However, your musicality was a bit off,” continued Inaba. “It’s like you were dancing ahead of the music.”

Goodman was not pleased.

“J.R. this wasn’t that good,” said Goodman followed by an echoes of boos from the audience in solidarity with Martinez.

“You were off… there were a lot of mistakes.”

Still, Goodman praised the Salvadoran actor for taking on the dance to begin with.

“I think it was brave that you did a lot of that dance.”

This puts Martinez second after underdog Rob Kardashian, who pleasantly surprised the judges and the audience by slamming his performance earning him a perfect score twice.

Rooting him on was his famous, knockout sister Kim, who in recent weeks has been criticized for her ending her marriage to Nets basketball player Kris Humphries just 72 days after saying 'I DO.'

Former talk show host Ricki Lake also managed get high scores for her dances (a 27 and a 30) making the decision for America that much harder for who should win the coveted Mirror Ball trophy.

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