Hidden Profiles of Washington Power

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    The new president is a sensitive, secretive and cautious individual who functions emotionally, seeking everyone's best interest, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. This will often cause him to make a decision that is 50/50 rather than 100 percent, in order to please both sides. He works in the present, more concerned with balancing the powers beneath him than about his future. While he is a sensitive and cautious individual, he can also scheme and manipulate to see his agenda through.

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    If Obama is oil, then Biden is water, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. They are the perfect balance of caution and aggression. The vice president is highly emotional, extremely intense, and powerfully aggressive. He is sympathetic and understands the issues affecting American people, and is therefore able to relate to their problems. He is also secretive out of self-preservation, an often necessary and all-too-common tool used in Washington.

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    It is more whom Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel knows than what he knows, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. He is extremely secretive, and though he can display great power, he can turn to putty in the hands of someone with the strength of Biden. He shares many of Obama's qualities, such as the ability to manipulate when necessary.

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    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's signature reveals her great strength and enormous sense of power, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. While Jackie was Jackie and Eleanor was Eleanor Roosevelt, Clinton is Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman of great pride, intensely determined and loyal to her convictions. While Obama eyes the present, Clinton eyes the future, and she may use manipulation and secrecy to her advantage.

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    Secretary of Defense Robert Gates appears to be the most powerful of all, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. He is extremely emotional, intense and secretive, though he can be yielding and submissive when he feels it is necessary. He is not someone to be underestimated; in fact, he appears to be Clinton's male counterpart, which could prove beneficial within the function of government.

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    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid enjoys and is comfortable with great power, but he can be extremely sensitive to criticism, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. He, too, is secretive and manipulative, and he will likely align himself with powers such as Biden, Gates and Clinton.

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    House Sepaker Nancy Pelosi is smart, materialistic, secretive and powerful, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. But she can also be immature and overly-cautious. Her sense of power pales in comparison to Clinton's. If Clinton is a cluster bomb, then Pelosi is a BB gun. She will have to be extremely cautious as she maneuvers through the columns of power.

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    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is emotional and extremely jealous, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. He feels he is getting neither the respect nor the admiration he deserves. He is frugal, narrow-minded and cautious to a fault. He tends to get bogged down in detail and likes to exist in his own world, making him a misfit with the other new power brokers in Washington. If you toss McConnell in a room by himself and ask him to determine the distance to Mars, he will figure it out. But if he is distracted by the power of others, he is likely to be manipulated or shrink from public view.

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    House Minority Leader John Boehner is emotional, intense, aggressive, stubborn, strong, secretive, and incredibly quick-minded, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. His personality is quite similar to Biden's and Clinton's, in that he has his own sense of strength and he radiates power. Therefore, he may either complement the administration or be a constant thorn in its side.

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    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is incredibly powerful, and appears to be the ideal choice for such an important position, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. She is hostile, resentful, stubborn, angry and aggressive, the sort of person we need at the helm of our nation's security. She cannot be bullied, and she will serve as the armor and shield in protecting our nation from attack.

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    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's signature reveals a very secretive man, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. He needs to be monitored, as he can be manipulative, sneaky, and narrow-minded. But he does not reveal his hand. His signature suggests a man who likes to use information when necessary, with a watchful eye on others.

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    Attorney General Eric Holder's handwriting and signature reveal that he is an introvert, said forensic handwriting specialist Ronald Rice. Introverts are fearful of emotion and intimacy and live by the motto, "what is in the best interest of me and only me?" Introverts are not compatible with emotionally extroverted people, nor can they readily identify with pain and suffering. They are connivers and manipulators, cold, detached and contemptible toward those with whom they work and associate.