Plastic Surgery Disasters

What were they thinking?

  • 0504091348_M_palstic_rinna_45.jpg
    Lisa Rinna looks like she may have gotten EVEN MORE COLLAGEN shot into her lips, judging by this photo taken Sunday, May 3, 2009. STOOOOOOOOPPPP!

  • 1124081545_M_Cutecreepy4.jpg
    She is still lovely, but is it just us or does Nicole Kidman look like a different person? We still love you, Nic, but ease up on the ice-princess look, you're kinda creepin us out!

  • 0504091348_M_plastic_liotta450.jpg
    Ray Liotta has made a nice living playing tough guys. That is may be harder for him to do now given his new, unresponsive, wax-like visage.

  • 1124081514_M_Cutecreepy3.jpg
    Michael Jackson went from a cute little boy to dangling cute little boys from windows. That's even scarier than his face.

  • 0504091348_M_plastic_versace450.jpg
    Boo! You do NOT want to see Donatella Versace's mug popping out of a dark alley. Heart attack city.

  • 1124081514_M_Cutecreepy9.jpg
    Madonna, we love you. You are an icon. But overdoing your eyeliner, lashes and well, everything else will not erase all of life's problems.

  • 0504091348_M_plastic_reid450.jpg
    Poor Tara Reid. Sigh.

  • 1124081545_M_Cutecreepy5.jpg
    Ok so Lil Kim was always a bit crazy -- but in a fun way, with her crazy hair colors and outlandish get-ups. But nowadays, Kim has skipped way too far down Plastic Surgery Lane.

  • 0504091348_M_plastic_mickey450.jpg
    Mickey Rourke's face has likely achieved this weird lifeless sheen from a mix of surgery, boxing, accidents, and unending benders that would have killed most mortals. Instead of killing Mickey, it all just killed his face.

  • 1124081514_M_Cutecreepy7.jpg
    Ok, we know that you are all thinking the same thing we are. What is the deal with the fish lips? Pouty is cute. Over-the-top pursing of your lips while wearing strange Elvira get-ups with a cauldron of Starbucks eternally in your hands is not. Whatever happened to Michelle Tanner?

  • 1124081514_M_Cutecreepy6.jpg
    Ah Meg Ryan, why couldn't you just stay our "cute as a button" girl forever?