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    Volkswagen Atlas SUV unveiled with great burden to carry

    Toyota pickup nearly rolls over during simple swerve test

    All-wheel-drive Dodge Challenger GT shows up on EPA website

    Car reported stolen in 1988 pulled from Massachusetts river


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    Toilet talk: What does your waste say about you?

    Injectable birth control for men holds promise; risks remain

    Facebook can help detect depression, schizophrenia, study says

    Mindful enjoyment of Halloween chocolate may improve mood


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    University of Texas: No cowboy or Indian costumes

    Dr. Keith Ablow: Why are Americans obsessed with sex (now more than ever)?

    Justin Bieber wants you to sit quietly and just listen to him

    Gregg Jarrett: FBI reopens email investigation. Is a Clinton presidency doomed?

    Great Outdoors

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    Gun Test: Sauer 100 Classic XT

    Oregon decides on whether to fund an outdoor school program

    10 binoculars: Ranked and rated

    How to make the 'deer stand-wich'

    Business Leaders

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    Wall Street Gets Whiplash As FBI Reopens Hillary Email Investigation

    FBI to Review More Emails Related to Clinton's Private Email Use

    Trump Gives $10M to His Campaign in Final Election Push

    The Death of Thought Leadership: RIP

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    Mike Rowe won't join Hollywood types encouraging people to vote

    Chelsea Handler breaks down during chat with Shannen Doherty

    Baldwin brothers in family feud over Donald Trump

    Matt LeBlanc answers age-old 'Friends' question: Rachel, or Monica?


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    Air & Space

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    15 months later, NASA's Pluto probe sends back last bit of data

    Digging History

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    Ancient battle left 'sea monster' with tooth stuck in its face

    Planet Earth

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    Recovered WWI German u-boat revives 'sea monster' tales

    Wild Nature

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    $100G project uses giant rats to sniff out crime

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    'Battlefield 1' review: Through the blood and beauty

    Facebook can help detect depression, schizophrenia, study says

    The truth behind the shiny-legs photo that had the Internet guessing


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    4 years after storm, some places changed by Sandy forever

    Plane blows tire, catches fire at O'Hare; passengers safe

    Supreme Court to rule in Virginia transgender case

    Oil pipeline protesters burn vehicles, set roadblock

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