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    The genius of Trump's foreign policy

    A letter to my breadwinner husband

    The Clintons play the dirty, secretive game of elections better than anyone (and that's...

    The new GDP numbers are terrible. No wonder Hillary won’t talk about the economy


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    Crickets in the subway: The worst way to raise awareness about mental illness?

    Diabetes linked to memory decline in older adults

    More parents are refusing vaccinations, but their reasons are changing

    Mystery solved: How Lyme disease bacteria spread around the body

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    Real Estate

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    How to Write a Roommate Contract -- and Avoid Drama Down the Road

    New York City's most fashionable townhouse and a historic Montauk mansion

    'Today' Host Natalie Morales Picks Up $6.8M Brentwood Home

    7 Things Your Estate Planner Wants You to Know Before You Die


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    Justin Bieber is back on Instagram after a 2-week break

    'Ice Road Truckers' star Darrell Ward dead at 52

    'Harry Potter' insider spills secrets from the set

    Jennifer Lopez surprises ex-husband Marc Anthony on stage


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    Air & Space

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    Scientists finish yearlong Mars simulation in isolated Hawaii dome

    Digging History

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    Sour letter from Bonnie and Clyde to former member of their gang up for auction

    Planet Earth

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    Scientists discover vast reef behind Great Barrier Reef

    Wild Nature

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    Great white shark nursery, possible birthing site, discovered off Long Island

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    Food & Drink

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    Pizza for pistols? Indianapolis restaurant wants to give free pies for guns

    John Oliver in food fight with Pa. lawmakers over Philly cheesesteak comments

    Are celebrity wine-makers destroying an ancient art?

    Colonel Sander's secret recipe revealed? Not so fast, says KFC

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    White House

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    'Fiscal crisis' warning as deficits rise, debt set to hit $20T next year


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    Iran confrontations with US Navy double from last year, more frequent than thought

    Media Buzz

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    Clinton hits Trump as champion of crazy 'alt-right,' but is that off base?

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