Walesa denies he informed regime on others or took money

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Lech Walesa, Poland's legendary anti-communist leader and former president, denies he informed on people to the communist regime or took money from the secret security service.

He was reacting Friday to claims by a state history institute that recently seized documents including a commitment to provide information signed with Walesa's name and codename, "Bolek," and reports and receipts for money, dating from 1970-76.

"I was never broken (into collaboration) in December 1970, I did not collaborate with the (secret security), I never took money and never made any spoken or written report on anyone," Walesa wrote on a blog.

In 1970 Walesa was a workers protest leader but in 1976 was fired from his shipyard job. In 1980 he led the Solidarity freedom movement that eventually ousted the communists.