Video of bride-to-be kissing stranger at bachelorette bash goes viral – wedding now off

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What happens in Playa del Carmen, Mexico doesn’t stay there.

Just ask Emma Ayala, who engaged in a drunken lip-lock with a man during her bachelorette party.

The kiss was filmed and made its way to social media, where many more eyes – including those of her groom-to-be and his relatives – saw it.

Now, the wedding is off, according to the Daily Mirror, which added that it was Ayala who cancelled it.

The video show Ayala at a pool party being bent backward by a man she apparently just met and whom she kisses.

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On social media, it was posted with the hashtag #LadyCoralina, after the Coralina Bar, where the pool party took place.

Ayala, from Hermosillo in Mexico, was set to marry Pablo Torres Gandara, the Daily Mirror said.

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