US ambassador to Greece protests prospect of home confinement for blind far-left terrorist

The U.S. ambassador to Greece is protesting new legislation that will let a far-left terrorist convicted of murdering Americans serve the remainder of his five life sentences under home confinement.

Savvas Xiros, a member of the deadly Marxist-nationalist November 17 group, became blind when a bomb exploded in his hands in 2002. The explosion lead to his arrest and the dismantling of the group, which killed 23 people between 1975-2000, including U.S., British and Turkish nationals.

Greece's parliament on Monday approved a prison reform bill presented by the new radical left-led government that allows Xiros and other disabled prisoners to complete their sentences at home on humanitarian grounds.

U.S. Ambassador David Pearce says allowing Xiros, 53, to leave prison would be regarded by the U.S. as "a profoundly unfriendly act."