UK man goes on trial in Congo for death of Norwegian cellmate despite initial suicide finding

Congolese officials have begun the trial of a British-Norwegian citizen accused of killing his Norwegian cellmate last year while they both served time for murder.

In military court Tuesday morning, Capt. Serge Kabondo read out the charges against Joshua French related to the death of Tjostolv Moland last August.

The two men were convicted in 2009 of killing their Congolese driver, an allegation both denied.

An autopsy carried out by Congolese and Norwegian officials last year concluded that Moland hanged himself.

However, a Congolese official announced last month that evidence had emerged implicating French in Moland's killing, and that French would face a second murder charge.

French's lawyer has dismissed the allegations as baseless.

The British charity organization Reprieve on Monday urged the U.K. government to intervene in the case.