Turkey's official news agency says police have detained 42 people, including academics, for alleged links to a U.S.-based Muslim cleric less than a week before the anniversary of the failed coup.

Anadolu news agency said the operations Monday targeted people working at Turkey's Bogazici and Medeniyet University. Prominent Bogazici academic and government critic, Koray Caliskan, and 19 professors from Medeniyet's medical school are among the detained.

Turkey blames cleric Fethullah Gulen for masterminding the July 15 coup attempt and has arrested more than 50,000 people for alleged links to terror groups. Gulen denies the accusations.

Anadolu says the suspects are being investigated for using an encrypted mobile messaging application and communicating with clandestine "imams" in Gulen's network.

Detention warrants have been issued for 30 more people, according to the agency.