Toddler gets stuck in toy machine after climbing inside

A mischievous 3-year-old boy who wanted to get his hands on a teddy bear got trapped inside a claw machine after climbing inside.

Jamie Bracken-Murphy of Tipperary, Ireland, was apparently disappointed he didn't win a toy in the toy machine so he took matters into his own hands. He quickly climbed inside the small flap but after scooting inside, he noticed he couldn’t get out.


His father Damien Murphy told that it all happened in a matter of seconds when he had taken his eyes off the toddler.

“We were in a player center here in Nenagh and I took my eyes off him for about 5 seconds as he walked towards the claw machine,” he said. “I then heard a muffled complain and when I looked up, he was behind the glass of the machine.”


At first he tried to maneuver his son out, but there was just not enough space.

The little boy did have to wait long as an off-duty fireman at the play center came to his rescue.

“He was quite experienced with these sorts of things,” Damien said. “He told Jamie to crouch down and move back further into the machine, which he did calmly, and the fireman shimmied him out.”

The play center’s staff told the father that they had never seen a child manage such a feat.

Jamie was able to keep all the stuffed animals that came out of the machine during his rescue.