Theresa May scrapes mold off jam to prevent food waste: report

Theresa May is hardly in a parliamentary sweet spot - but now she's found herself in a new jam.

Although it's her arch opponent Jeremy Corbyn who is well known for his love of the preserve, the prime minister reportedly declared to cabinet ministers her technique for dealing with gone-off jars of it.

The Daily Mail says she told top MPs gathered in Downing Street on Tuesday that she scrapes the mold off to tuck into the lower layers.

A Whitehall source is quoted as saying the prime minister described what's left as "perfectly edible" and encouraged shoppers to use "common sense" when it comes to binning out-of-date food.

The tip came during a discussion on how to reduce food waste.

Her spokesperson later clarified it was "a matter for the individual" whether to follow the practice.

Mrs. May has previously given a glimpse into her culinary tastes.


Asked after the 2017 election what she does in her spare time, she revealed: "I enjoy cooking, which has a benefit, you get to eat it as well as make it.

"I have over 150 cookbooks. I spend a lot of time looking at cookbooks."

This story originally appeared in Sky News.