The Bear Bones: Stuffed Animals Used In Attempt To Smuggle Human Skulls

Who would have thought to turn a teddy bear to such gruesome purposes?

A smuggler in Mexico allegedly hid human remains including two skulls inside teddy bears and tried to ship them out of the country, but they did not get past customs, the AFP reported.

Inside the plush toys, Mexico City inspectors found two human skulls with other human remains during a routine X-Ray exam at an airport shipping company.

According to a statement by Mexico City’s prosecutor’s office, the remains "appear to have been recently exhumed."

The smuggler, who told authorities he had purchased the remains in downtown Mexico City, was arrested.

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When asked why he was shipping the human skulls, the man reportedly told prosecutors that there was a demand for them among practitioners of Santeria, which combines West African Yoruba traditions and deities with Catholic practices.

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