Survivor of horrific car accident can't remember husband and son who died in crash

A Florida woman whose husband and child were killed in a horrific car crash has no recollection of the accident or of ever having a family.

Police in Altamonte Springs say that 27-year old Ivelisse Martinez does not remember the accident – caused by a 75-year old woman who failed to hit her brakes when approaching an intersection. The crash took the lives of her husband, 35-year-old Jose Vargas Rosario, and the couple’s 1-year-old son, Brayden Vargas.

Local authorities said she had no reaction when they told her that her family died in the crash because she did not remember them.

"She was informed of the passing of her husband and her son – she does not remember the crash and at that time, didn’t remember the family members, either," Altamonte Springs Police Lt. Rob Pelton told WESH.

Medical professionals at the hospital in Orlando where Martinez was being treated said that the actual cause of her amnesia is unknown, but that her memory is likely to return.

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"[Amnesia] almost always resolves, just sort of spontaneously, just out of the blue – suddenly people start remembering," said Todd Husty, the director of emergency medical services in Florida’s Seminole County.

Husty added: "It’s likely she’s had head trauma. That’s the most common reason for someone to have amnesia would be head trauma. But physiological trauma can do that, too."

Police are still investigating the accident, but have not charged the woman who caused the crash, a retired teacher named Cynthia Guthrie.

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