Spanish climber dies in Himalayas on world's 7th tallest mountain after a fall

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A Spanish climber, who spent three nights without food, water and little oxygen in freezing weather after a fall on the world's seventh highest peak in the Himalayas, has died.

Juanjo Garra's family says he died on Dhaulagiri after rescue attempts failed to bring him down to an altitude where helicopters could land.

The Garra family said "Juanjo stays in heaven" on the climber's personal blog and Twitter account on Monday.

According to the family, Garra and a Sherpa fell on their descent from Dhaulagiri's 8,167-meter (26,795-foot) summit and the 49-year-old Spaniard was unable to walk after that.

Family spokesman Miquel Angel Corts says the Sherpa had remained beside Garra to the end.

Corts said Garra's body wouldn't be recovered.