Serbia donates $5.4 million to Srebrenica, Bosnian town scared by massacre of 8,000 Muslims

Serbia's prime minister says his country is donating 5 million euros ($5.4 million) to rejuvenate the Bosnian town of Srebrenica, where 20 years ago in wartime Serbs slaughtered 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said during Wednesday's investment conference in the eastern town that the first 2 million euros will arrive by Monday and that Srebrenica should become a bridge of cooperation between Serbia and Bosnia.

The move is yet another attempt to atone for war atrocities that have kept the region unstable.

In July, Vucic had to flee events in Srebrenica marking the killings' 20th anniversary when angry mourners pelted him and his entourage with rocks during the funeral of 136 massacre victims found in nearby mass graves.

He revisited the cemetery Wednesday to lay flowers.