Saudis support probe of Yemen crimes, but question 'timing'

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Geneva says the kingdom would not oppose a resolution at the U.N.-backed Human Rights Council seeking an independent, international investigation of rights violations and crimes in war-torn Yemen, but raised questions about "timing."

Abdulaziz Al-Wasil's comments come as a Saudi-led coalition backing Yemen's internationally-recognized government has been fighting Shiite rebels.

The U.N. says Yemen is the world's greatest humanitarian crisis, and it's being debated at the 47-member council's three-week session that began Monday.

Al-Wasil told two reporters Wednesday that "we have no objection of the inquiry itself. We just have a discussion about the timing." He suggested a Commission of Inquiry would face "tremendous obstacles in terms of access."

Saudi Arabia and Arab allies have thwarted past efforts at the council to create an international investigation.