Russia has launched its own service to counter 'fake news'

The Russian government has launched its own “fake news” watchdog service.

The heavily-controlled media landscape evidently wants to make it clear that it disagrees with a lot of the news published by foreign outlets.

In the western media, there are plenty of independent websites that claim to “debunk” articles and trends it deems false.

They do this using a step-by-step analysis detailing why the article in question is wrong.

Snopes investigates and shuts down viral urban legends and social media myths, while PolitiFact ranks the statements of elected officials on its Truth-o-Meter, supporting its claims with statistics and proof of contradictory statements. ABC Fact Check has a similar process.

But Russia’s tracker is... well... a little less considered.

The articles deemed false by the Russian government are shown dramatically on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, with a big red “FAKE” stamp over it.

It’s accompanied by a disclaimer that reads: “This material contains data, not corresponding to the truth.”