Rescuer of French climber splits up with his Polish team

The head of a Polish Himalaya climbers' team says that a prominent member, Denis Urubko, who recently rescued a French climber, has split up with the team and left its base camp in Pakistan.

The team is attempting the first ever winter ascent on K2, the world's second highest peak, but hostile weather has prevented the climb so far and they remain at their mountain base.

Urubko made an unsuccessful solo attempt last weekend and later left the expedition.

Team leader Krzysztof Wielicki said Wednesday that Urubko's solo outing has been done without consultation and "broke certain principles" of teamwork.

Wielicki also said Urubko's own plan to climb K2 before March 1 was not possible.

Last month, Urubko and teammate Adam Bielecki rescued Elisabeth Revol from another Himalaya peak.