Report: Former Russian Official Says Country's Troops Were Fed Dog Food

A former officer in the Russian Interior Ministry claimed Thursday that troops were fed dog food earlier this year to save money, according to Reuters.

Ex-Major Igor Matveyev said that the officers tried to cover up the scandal.

"It's embarrassing to say, but soldiers here were fed dog food. It was fed to them as stew," Matveyev told Reuters.

Matveyev said he was fired from his position after posting a video on the Internet alleging widespread corruption at the ministry.

"This doesn't happen by accident; it is a system. Reforms are ongoing and we have to come out and say these things, we have to pay attention to these issues," he told Reuters.

He also said 18 illegal migrant workers were housed at a military base and used for construction jobs.

Russia's Interior Ministry did not comment on the claims.