Quake survivors in Pakistan town near epicenter say aid urgently needed before winter snows

Survivors of a magnitude 7.5 earthquake centered in a remote part of Afghanistan are pulling belongings from the rubble of their homes as rescuers begin to reach the hardest-hit areas with aid.

People in the Pakistani town of Chitral, one of the closest to the quake's epicenter, say Thursday they are too poor to rebuild their homes and need government help. Repairs are needed urgently, as snow is already falling on nearby mountains.

Rescuers are bringing in relief such as tents and blankets.

The death toll from Monday's quake stood at 390. It was centered in Afghanistan's sparsely populated Badakhshan province that borders Pakistan, Tajikistan and China, and killed 272 in Pakistan, 115 in Afghanistan and three on the Indian side of the disputed Kashmir region.