Qatari oil drilling rig operated by Maersk has accident in Gulf, months of repairs needed

A Qatari company says one of its oil drilling rigs will need several months of repairs and maintenance after an accident off the Gulf nation's coast.

Gulf International Services said in a statement Tuesday that the accident happened Sunday in the offshore al-Shaheen oil and gas field. It involved the jack-up rig "Rumailah," which is owned by the company's Gulf Drilling International division and was being operated by Denmark-based Maersk Oil.

GIS and Maersk spokesman Daniel Canty described the accident as a "punch through incident," and say all personnel were safely evacuated. GIS officials could not be reached for further details. No injuries were reported.

Norway's Aftenbladet newspaper published pictures purporting to show the rig partially submerged after it collapsed into the water.