Philippine gov't historian resigns over dictator's burial

The Philippine government's top historian has resigned to protest the president's decision to allow the burial of dictator Ferdinand Marcos in a heroes' cemetery, in a growing political storm over the entombment.

Maria Serena Diokno said in her resignation letter Tuesday that she will join protests against the Nov. 18 burial, including one scheduled at a pre-democracy shrine on Wednesday.

Diokno, who was chairwoman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, said Duterte could have blocked Marcos's burial in the cemetery despite a Supreme Court decision that dismissed petitions against the entombment.

Diokno said the burial was wrong and "mocks the collective action we took to oust the dictator."

Marcos was ousted in a 1986 "people power" revolt. His presidency was marked by largescale corruption and human rights violations.