Papal aide restores Rome building's power to help homeless

Pope Francis' almsgiver has gone down a Rome manhole to restore electricity for hundreds of homeless people living in an unused state-owned building.

Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski told Italian news agency ANSA he went underground and flipped a power switch Saturday in a "desperate gesture" to help the building's more than 400 occupants.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the far right League party, said Sunday he hopes the papal aide will pay 300,000 euros ($325,000) in overdue electricity bills.

Sister Adriana Domenici, who works with the homeless, told Italian broadcaster RaiNews24 that after the building's electricity was cut off May 6, she called Krajewski for help.

She said that when utility workers returned to disconnect power again, they found a note from Krajewski and left the electricity running.