Norway mass killer reportedly finds Massachusetts pen pal

A 23-year-old Massachusetts man has reportedly found himself an unlikely pen pal: Confessed Norway mass murderer Anders Breivik.

Kevin Forts, of Worcester, said he "dream[s] of one day meeting Breivik or talking to him on the phone," he told the Norwegian tabloid VG, according to a report in Germany's Der Spiegel news magazine.

"I represent a nationalist alternative, just like Breivik," Forts told the newspaper.

Forts, who has written to and received letters from Breivik, said he believes the July 2011 attacks that killed 69 people -- mostly teenagers -- in Oslo and Utoya demonstrated a "sense of nationalism and a moral conscience," he continued.

"[Brevik's] fighting against cultural Marxism and the Islamization of Norway and he found that the most rational way to accomplish that was through terrorist actions on Utoya and Olso," Forts told VG.

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Asked how Forts could defend the murders, he replied: "Because I believe that he used it an as unprecedented attack. I don't believe that it should occur again, but I do believe that it was atrocious but necessary in that it has raised awareness for it and Breivik did that with the executions."

Breivik, meanwhile, testified Thursday that he had planned to decapitate former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland during his shooting massacre. Breivik, 33, said his plan was to film the beheading and post the video on the Internet.


If found sane, Breivik could face a maximum 21-year prison sentence or an alternate custody arrangement that would keep him locked up as long as he is considered a menace to society. If declared insane, he would be committed to psychiatric care for as long as he's considered ill. Breivik's trial is expected to last 10 weeks.

Attempts to reach Forts -- who attends Massachusetts' Assumption College, according to online profiles -- were not successful Thursday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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