Man Raped At 14 Now Owes $15K In Child Support For Daughter He Didn't Know He Had

Nick Olivas was a 14-year-old middle school student in Phoenix, Arizona, when he says he was raped by a 20-year-old woman. "Raped" because, even if he was not forced to have sex, under state law a child younger than 15 cannot consent to sex under any circumstance.

Olivas never pressed charges. He definitely never thought it would come back to haunt him – him, the victim – in such a way.

Olivas is 24 years now, and two years ago he was served with papers by the state that let him know not only that he was the father of a 6-year-old girl but also that he was expected to pay for her sustenance and medical bills going back to her birth.

At first, according to a report by the Arizona Republic, Olivas panicked and ignored the legal documents. He went on with his life as a medical assistant.

"It was a shock," he told the newspaper. "I was living my life and enjoying being young. To find out you have a 6-year-old? It's unexplainable. It freaked me out."

Eventually, however, the situation caught up to Olivas. According to court papers, he has a past balance of around $15,000, plus 10 percent interest, from the years he didn’t even know his daughter existed. The state garnished money from a bank account of his and now takes $380 from his paycheck every month.

Olivas says that, despite the bitterness surrounding the case, he wants to be a part of the life of his daughter.

"I lost my mom at a young age. I know what it's like to only have one parent," he told the Arizona Republic. "I can't leave her out there. She deserves a dad."

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