Mali finds bodies of 5 soldiers in river after attack

An army official says the bodies of five soldiers have been found in a river in central Mali after an attack by Islamic extremists.

Army spokesman Col. Souleymane Maiga said Wednesday that extremists attacked an army convoy between Tenenkou and Diafarabe on Sunday. He said fighting continued into Monday, leaving one soldier wounded and five missing.

Maiga said four soldiers' bodies were found Tuesday in a river close to the attack site, and another body was found closer to Mopti. He said an investigation into their deaths has begun.

The extremist group Ansar Dine said Monday its Macina Liberation Front battalion, which has a stronghold in Mopti, carried out a Sunday attack near Tenenkou.

Islamic extremists continue to threaten security in Mali despite being pushed from northern strongholds in 2013.