Macedonian police: Border watchtower attacked by group in uniforms of disbanded Kosovo rebels

Macedonian police say a group of about 40 people wearing uniforms of the disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army, or UCK, have attacked a police watchtower in Gosince on the country's northern border with Kosovo.

The UCK, an ethnic Albanian paramilitary group, fought Serb government forces for Kosovo independence in 1998-1999. In Macedonia, Albanian rebels fought government forces for more rights for minority Albanians in 2001.

Police spokesman Ivo Kotevski said the group apparently entered from Kosovo early Tuesday, briefly captured four Macedonian police officers and took control of the watchtower, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of the capital Skopje.

Kotevski described the incident as "very serious" and said Macedonia was the "target of a terrorist attack." No injuries were reported and the police were released after 30 minutes.