Lawyer says Norway has deported Mexican student who disturbed Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

An attorney for the Mexican student who briefly disturbed the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo last week says his client has been deported from Norway.

Jens-Ove Hagen told the Associated Press that Adan Cortes Salas was deported Monday after Norwegian immigration authorities rejected his application for political asylum.

Hagen declined to provide further details but said authorities "apparently were under some pressure" to reach a speedy decision.

Cortes Salas jumped on stage in the middle of the Nobel prize ceremony in the Norwegian capital last Wednesday and waved a Mexican flag.

Norwegian media said he wanted to draw attention to violence and kidnappings in Mexico including the disappearance of 43 demonstrating students in September.

The 21-year-old Cortes Salas was fined 15,000 kroner ($2,100) for disturbing the peace.