Jordan oks one-time crane drop of aid for displaced Syrians

Jordan says it will permit a one-time crane drop of U.N. aid to tens of thousands of displaced Syrians stranded in harsh conditions on its border.

The kingdom sealed its border with Syria in 2016, after Islamic State extremists killed seven Jordanian border guards. The closure ended regular U.N. aid shipments from Jordan to displaced Syrians struggling for survival in a remote stretch of desert.

Jordan alleges that the Rukban border camp has been infiltrated by IS and that cross-border traffic endangers the kingdom. It insists that the U.N. deliver aid from war-ravaged Syria.

Jordan's Foreign Ministry said on Sunday it would permit a one-time crane drop from its soil after the U.N. submitted a plan for aid delivery from Syria.

U.N. refugee agency officials were not available for comment.