Italy suspends license of helicopter pilot who dropped flower petals on mafia funeral in Rome

Italy's civil aviation authority has suspended the license of the helicopter pilot who flew low over Rome to drop flower petals during the over-the-top funeral of a purported local crime boss that has outraged city residents.

In addition to the flower petals, the funeral Thursday of Vittorio Casamonica featured a gilded, horse-drawn carriage carrying the casket and a band playing the theme music from "The Godfather" outside the Rome church.

Civil aviation authority ENAC said in a statement Friday it was suspending the license of the pilot as a precaution, given that single-engine helicopters are prohibited from flying over the capital. ENAC said the helicopter flew below the 1,000-foot (330-meter) limit and violated regulations by tossing objects — flower petals — out of its hold without authorization.