Islamic charity chief resigns amid accusations group supports extremism, anti-Semitism

An Islamic charity claiming it raises money for the impoverished around the world is under investigation, and its leader has resigned after a report accused it of supporting extremism and anti-Semitism.

The United Kingdom’s Charity Commission and National Terrorism Financial Investigation Unit are investigating the Global Aid Trust -- which rakes in more than $750,000 a year – after an undercover reporter from a television program found its staff praising terrorists and giving advice on how to get into Syria, according to The Telegraph.

Posing as a volunteer, a reporter from ITV1 began working at the charity’s headquarters in London and was introduced to a fellow worker, Shaffiq Shabbar.

In conversations with the reporter, Shabbar confesses his admiration for late Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, calling him a “brilliant guy.”

He also says, when asked about traveling to Syria, “You go to Turkey and jump over the border and when I say jump over the border I mean literally. You’ll probably have Al Qaeda on the other side to help you, so it is very easy to go in.”

In another part of the ITV program, a speaker invited to address a Global Aid Trust event made anti-Semitic comments, The Telegraph reports.

“America, European countries, whatever you call it, these countries are controlled by Zionists,” said the preacher, Dawah Man. “If you look at the biggest bankers in the world, that fund these countries, they are Zionists, and Zionists run Israel. So we can safely say that at any time there was an American, or English or whatever, invasion of the Muslim lands, it is all a problem coming back to the Children of Israel. “

The fallout has forced Global Aid Trust’s chief executive Rizwan Hussein to resign.

“We firmly condemn and reject the comments made by Shaffiq and the external speakers,” a company spokesman told The Telegraph. “We express our great regret at these incidents, which were the result of a process failure in the organization.”

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